Nechaev Eduard Alexandrovich

editor emeritus of the journal “Disaster Medicine”

Membership in state academies of science, academic degree, academic title: Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical sciences, professor.

Substantiation of a significant contribution to the development of the relevant field of knowledge:

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Leading specialist in the field of disaster medicine; He initiated the creation of the discipline “disaster medicine” in the leading medical universities of the country; was the Minister of health and medical industry of the Russian Federation (1992–1995). Honorary Doctor of the Pirogov Center. The number of publications in the RSCI > 140.

Information on membership in editorial boards of other periodicals:

“Military Medical Journal” – a member of the editorial board

“Polytrauma” – a member of the editorial board;

“Medical-biological and socio-psychological problems of safety in emergency situations” – a member of the editorial board;

“The ecology of man” – a member of the editorial board.