Description of “Disaster Medicine” Journal

The journal covers a wide range of scientific interests: normative and legal support of ARSDM activities, problems in the field of sanitary and anti-epidemic support in emergency situations, provision of various types of medical care to victims; problems of saving lives and preserving the health of the population in emergency situations. The journal summarizes the scientific and practical experience of specialists of the Service for Disaster Medicine, and the issues of training of highly qualified medical personnel.

The “Disaster Medicine” journal is a press organ of the All-Russian Service for Disaster Medicine (ARSDM) which is a subsystem of the Unified State System for Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

ARSDM functionally combines the Services for Disaster Medicine of the Health Ministry and of the Defense Ministry of Russia, the forces and means of EMERCOM of Russia, the Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia and of other organizations whose sphere of responsibility includes issues of protection of population and territories from emergencies, elimination of medical and sanitary consequences of emergency situations and solving the problems of disaster medicine. The main readers and subscribers of the journal are medical specialists of the territorial centers for disaster medicine of the subjects of the Russian Federation, of medical organizations, as well as libraries and medical students studying the discipline “Life Safety. Disaster Medicine”.

The “Disaster Medicine” journal is one of the few specialized periodicals in our country, on the pages of which the problems of disaster medicine are discussed in detail and thoroughly. The applicants publish here the results of their dissertation researches in the field.

Scientific articles, scientific reviews, results of experimental and clinical studies are published in the journal.





The most important tasks of the journal are: generalization of scientific and practical achievements in the field of disaster medicine, improving the scientific and practical skills of physicians, sharing experience in order to improve medical technologies in the provision of medical care Emergency services.

Based on the operational use of the up-to-date and topical information, the task is solved of developing and improving the organizational forms of management of the Service for Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, of timely support and implementation of progressive forms and methods of management. One of the main tasks is to ensure the exchange of information on a wide range of issues of mutual interest for various institutions and organizations of other ministries and departments involved in the liquidation of medical and sanitary consequences of emergency situations.

Contact Information:

Editor-in-Chief Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S.F.Goncharov

Editorial Board postal address: 5 Shchukinskaya St., Moscow, 123182, Russia, ARCDM “Zashchita”, the Ministry of Health the Russian Federation, Editorial Board of “Disaster Medicine” Journal.


Telephone: +7(499) 190 59 60