Storage policy is aimed at selection, storage and access to journal archives and includes the following objectives:

  • Compliance of archiving materials to Archives’ state standards.
  • Registration and publication of articles in accordance with professional standards.
  • Ensuring wide access to archived material, provided by editorial practice.

Archive includes texts of articles, peer-reviews, abstracts and bibliographies, which are published in the journal. These materials are of great scientific value, as they comprise the most significant results of scientific research.

Information on all the articles published in the journal is stored on the publisher’s server and is available in the public domain on the website of the journal.

The journal is available in the public domain with one year embargo on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library

In Scientific Electronic Library everybody can use the advanced search by journal articles (by keyword, author, title, chapter). Link to the full text of the article is marked on the page in the Scientific Electronic Library that complies with the storage stadards of digital data.


Deposit policy

Authors can keep and disseminate the copy of article before and after its publication. Nevertheless, we recommend our authors to start disseminating the article copies after the journal publication, because before it the article doesn’t have metadata, which is important for citation.