Experts should not be held to review the work, if there is a conflict of interest because of the competitive relationship, collaboration or other interactions or relationships with authors, companies or institutions in any way associated with the materials submitted.

Unpublished materials available in the present study can not be усед by editorial board in their own developments without the written consent of the author.

Article is placed in public domain in case of acceptance for publication. If there are any conflicts of interest (financial, academic, personal, etc.) participants of review process should inform the editorial board.

The rights to use materials of “Disaster Medicine” journal belong to State Research Center – Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency as a publisher and founder of the journal.

Direct contacts – are the main and most preferred way to resolve disputes between the editors, authors and third parties in the process of review and preparation of materials for publication, as well as in relation to already published articles. If you have complaints or claims you must report them to the chief editor of the journal in written form to the e-mail of the journal or mailing to the address listed on the website of the journal.

The letter must contain the essence of the controversial issue, the circumstances, the person’s name and / or the product in respect of which the claim is being made. Persons or organizations who complain to the journal editorial office for some issues need to be sure that these complaints will be dealt within reasonable time. Editors while analysing the complaints and disputes will follow the accepted publication ethics.