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Need to Expand Official List of Conditions for which First Aid is Provided in the Russian Federation

Birkun A.A.1,2, Dezhurnyy L.I.3,4

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1 Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievskiy of V.I. Vernadskiy Crimean Federal University, Simferopol, Russian Federation

2 Crimean Republican Center for Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medical Care, Simferopol, Russian Federation

3 Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation

4 Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation

UDC 616-083.98

Pp. 73–78

Summary. The objectives of the study were to determine the general spectrum of critical conditions in which timely and correctly rendered first aid can contribute to the preservation of life; to assess the feasibility of expanding the official list of conditions in which first aid is rendered in the Russian Federation.

Research materials and methods. The study materials are national and international recommendations for first aid; data of official statistics; legal acts of the Russian Federation regulating first aid; domestic and foreign scientific publications. Bibliographic databases Google Scholar, Pubmed/Medline and Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) were used to search for scientific publications. The materials were searched and analyzed in July-August 2022.

Study results and their analysis. The results of the analysis of international and national recommendations and relevant scientific publications on first aid, undertaken to identify the general spectrum of life-threatening conditions in which timely and properly provided first aid can determine a favorable outcome for the patient or victim are presented. The official list of conditions for which first aid is provided, approved in 2012, does not include a number of widespread and life-threatening health disorders, including acute coronary syndrome and stroke — conditions that cumulatively cause the largest number of deaths among adult population of the country. The article substantiates the expediency of expanding the official list of conditions for which first aid is provided in Russia. 

Keywords: acute coronary syndrome, acute impairment of cerebral circulation, chest pain, first aid, myocardial infarction, official list of conditions, Russian Federation, stroke

For citation: Birkun A.A., Dezhurnyy L.I. Need to Expand Official List of Conditions for which First Aid is Provided in the Russian Federation. Meditsina Katastrof = Disaster Medicine. 2022;4:73-78 (In Russ.). https://doi.org/10.33266/2070-1004-2022-4-73-78



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The material was received 08.09.22; the article after peer review procedure 24.10.22; the Editorial Board accepted the article for publication 23.12.22