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Improving Provision of Emergency Medical Consultation and Medical Evacuation in Kurgan Region

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Shumaev A.Yu., Ehbert V.Eh.

Kurgan Regional Centre for Disaster Medicine, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Kurgan, Russian Federation

UDC 614.882[470.58]

Pp. 63–67

Abstract. The article presents the experience of the specialists of the Department of Emergency consultative medical care (ECMP) of the territorial Center for Disaster Medicine (TCMC) of the Kurgan Region in improving the quality of emergency consultative medical care and medical evacuation in the region when the TCMC operates in the mode of daily activities. Proposals are made on improvement of work of ECMP departments of the territorial centers for disaster medicine.

Key words: availability and quality of medical care, emergency consultative medical care, emergency situations, Kurgan Region, medical evacuation, performance indicators, territorial center for disaster medicine

For citation: Shumaev A.Yu., Ehbert V.Eh. Improving Provision of Emergency Medical Consultation and Medical Evacuation in Kurgan Region. Meditsina Katastrof = Disaster Medicine. 2021; 1: 63-67 (In Russ.). https://doi.org/10.33266/2070-1004-2021-1-63-67



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The material was received 16.10.20; the article after peer review procedure 03.02.21; the Editorial Board accepted the article for publication 10.02.21