Kachanova N.A.


The Federal State Budgetary Institution «All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine «Zaschita» of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow

UDK 614.8 (470+571)

Pp. 45–51

The purpose of the study is to substantiate the need for a set of measures to improve the current legislation governing the medical evacuation (ME) of citizens of the Russian Federation from abroad.

Materials and methods of research. Materials of research: results of activity of the Center of medical evacuation and emergency medical care of the All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine “Zaschita” regarding the organization and carrying out medical evacuation of Russian citizens from abroad; statistical data of territorial centers for disaster medicine (TCDM) of subjects of the Russian Federation; data of Federal Service of the state statistics, Federal Agency for tourism, Border service of FSB of Russia; normative legal documents in the areas of research; structure and statistics of citizens and legal entities on the conduct of the ME from abroad; international legal acts; publications and dissertations on the subject; methodological materials; survey data of TCDM specialists.

Research methods: statistical, analytical, synthesis method, direct observation method, comparison method, description method, expert evaluation method.

Research results and their analysis. The results of the survey of 56 specialists of TCDM showed that 92.8% of experts were for the need to improve the mechanisms of medical evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation from abroad. In their opinion, it is necessary to make changes:

– in insurance business,

– in the current legislation in the field of public health and foreign Affairs,,– in the regulation of document flow;

– in the solution of practical issues and technical support of medical evacuation.

Proposals were made in accordance with the results of the study on possible solutions to the main problems of the organization of medical evacuation of citizens of the Russian Federation from abroad.


Keywords: aircraft equipped with medical modules, appeals of citizens and legal entities, citizens of the Russian Federation, document flow, insurance of Russian citizens traveling abroad, international contractual relations, medical evacuation from abroad, regular flights, Russian legislation, sanitary aviation evacuation


For citation: Kachanova N.A., (Medical Evacuation of Citizens of Russian Federation from Abroad: Problems and Ways of their Solution), Disaster Medicine, 2019; 2(106): 45–51 (In Rus.).




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