5. Shalimova I.V. 1, Sarmanayev S.Kh.2,3, Chadov V.I.2 Rendering Emergency Medical Care in Acute Poisoning by Butanediol

UDK 615.099

PP. 21–23

State Autonomous Institution of Health “City Clinical Hospital №7 of the city of Kazan”, Kazan, Republik of Tatarstan

2 The Federal State Budgetary Institution «All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine «Zaschita» of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow

Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical-Chemical Medicine of Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow

The issues of rendering emergency medical aid in acute poisoning with butanediol are considered. Indications for emergency intensive care and hospitalization in the intensive care unit for acute butanediol poisoning are presented.

Key words: acute poisoning, butanediol, diagnostics, emergency medical care, intensive therapy


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