12. Davydov D.V., Brizhan L.K., Kerimov A.A., Sheyanova E.Yu. Best Practice of Replacement of Defects of the Metatarsal Bones

UDK 616.089 С. 59–60

PP. 52–55

Central Military Clinical Hospital N.N.Burdenko, Moscow

The best practice of replacement of defects of the metatarsal bones is presented. It is noted, that the problem of the replacement of defects of instep bones as a result of injury, tumors or infections are still relevant, but overall disagreement about the most appropriate method is still in place. For gunshot injuries and patients with cancer the need for the replacement of the bone fragments arises due to destruction of tissues as a result of tumor, of a primary bone defect, and after extended surgical procedures involving resection of the abnormal areas.

Keywords: bone defect, bone graft, bone tumors, bones of the forefoot, primary bone defect, replacement best practice, servicemen with cancer, servicemen with gunshot wounds


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