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1. Fedotov S.A., Gumenyuk S.A., Krugovykh E.A. Activity of Research and Practice Center of Emergency Medical Care of Health Department of Moscow in Medical Support of Mass Events Dedicated to 70-th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945

The organization of medical support of mass events in Moscow dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 is presented.

The activity of Research and Practice Center of Emergency Medical Care of Health Department of Moscow – Territorial center for disaster medicine that realized operational management of subordinate forces and organized teamwork with aw-enforcement agencies and other services involved in organization and arranging of holiday events.

The data is given on the number and structure of medical treated cases.

Key words: 70-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, mass events, medical manpower and resources, organization of medical support, Research and Practice Center of Emergency Medical Care of Moscow, Service of Emergency Medical Care of Moscow, territorial center for disaster medicine


2. Lobanov A.I. Manpower and Material Resources of Health Services in Time of War

The results of research of wartime health service resources are presented. The issues identified are analyzed. The directions of improvement and development of medical support of population of the Russian Federation in wartime are suggested.

Key words: centralization, civil defense medical forces, health service, management, medical support, mobilization, national security system, population, Russian Federation, wartime


3. Naychenko M.V. Ergonomic Principles of Work Place Organization of Medical Specialists in Mobile Technical Units

Ergonomic principles of work place organization of medical specialists in mobile technical units are discussed. The work of units personnel is characterized as well as the factors influencing it – like space planning, work position and so on.

Key words: ergonomic principles, medical specialists, mobile medical support technical units, work place organization


4. Barachevsky Yu.E., Klyuchevsky V.V., Yur’eva M.Yu., Baranov A.V., Kolesnikov G.S. Analysis of Road Traffic Catastrophes on Federal Motorway M-8 «Kholmogory»

The structure of casualties of road traffic catastrophes in a 45 km long stretch of M-8 “Kholmogory” in the area of responsibility of Archangelsk first-aid station in 2008-2012 is analyzed. It is found that male (62.1%) and younger people (69.5%) prevail among casualties and concomitant injuries comprise the major part of traumas. It is noted that the main part of casualties was registered in accidents with passenger car traffic.

Key words: concomitant injury, Federal motorway M-8 «Kholmogory», medical and sanitary consequences, road traffic catastrophes, road traffic traumatism


5. Salenko Yu.A., Kundashev U.K., Shestopalov S.S., Barchukov V.G. Preparations with Actoprotective Properties in Preoperative Assessment

The assessment is presented of efficiency of use of combination of preparations with actoprotective properties (metaprote and ladasten), in preoperative assessment of patients for rehabilitation optimization after vast abdominal operations.

It is shown that the use of combination of drugs (metaprote and ladasten) promotes optimization of carbohydrate metabolism, has cardiotonic action that improves status of patients and allows to shorten intensive care unit stay.

Key words: ladasten, metaprote, preoperative assessment, preparations with actoprotective properties


6. Skoroglyadov A.V., Lyadova M.V., Tuchik E.S. Medical Expert Characteristics of Errors and Complications in Emergency Medical Care Delivery to Casualties with Locomotor System Traumas in Hospital Environment

The medical cards are analyzed of casualties with locomotor system traumas brought to hospitals by ambulance teams for emergency indications. Medical errors on the stage of diagnosis and treatment were elicited and their impact on the treatment outcome was defined. An expert assessment of the errors and complications found was made. The possible remedial actions are suggested.

Key words: casualties with locomotor system traumas, complications, errors, hospital emergency medical care, medical expert characteristics


7. Chizh I.M., Gladkikh V.D., Belykh V.G., Rusanov S.N. Antidotal Therapy within System of Measures for Liquidation of Medical and Sanitary Consequences of Emergency Situations

The principles of urgent and emergency medical care delivery in case of chemical exposure, the usage of antidotes in pre-hospital and hospital stages of management of casualties of emergency situations are presented. The issues of the legal framework and production basis of the system of antidote provision in the Russian Federation are discussed.

Key words: antidote therapy, antidotes, emergency medical care, emergency situations, hospital stage, medical and sanitary consequences, medical supplies reserve, pre-hospital stage, urgent medical care


8. Arkhangelskaya A.N., Ivkina M.V., Gurevich K.G. Overweight and Obesity as Urgent Health Problem of People in Hazardous Occupations

The results of research of abnormalities in body weight, physical fitness and motion activity of 96 firefighter-rescuers are presented. It is found that 60% of those examined had overweight, 30% were within normal weight and 10% – underweight. Physical fitness and motion activity of them all was in norm or higher. The conclusion is drawn that changing catering and training arrangements with periodic body composition control can enhance indices of physical fitness of firefighter-rescuers.

Key words: abnormalities in body weight, bioimpedance body-composition analysis, obesity, overweight, people in hazardous occupations


9. Revazov T.D., Digurov B.S., Kokoeva L.G., Baskaeva V.A., Badzieva Z.B. Development of System of Emergency Consultative Medical Care and Medical Evacuation in Republic of North Ossetia – Alania

Development of system of emergency consultative medical care and medical evacuation in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania is discussed. Detailed data are presented on the system functioning in 2012–2014.

Key words: pilot project “Development of Sanitary Aviation in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania for 2013–2014”, Republic of North Ossetia – Alania, system of emergency consultative medical care and medical evacuation


10. Gromut A.A., Fed’ko R.V., Ul’anov A.A. Efficiency of Pilot Project in Elaboration of Model of Medical Care Delivery to Population of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra

The organization of emergency consultative, first aid including specialized first aid medical care delivery as well as realization of sanitary aviation evacuation in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra is presented. The efficiency of use of the model of organization of emergency medical care delivery with use of aircraft elaborated on the basis of a pilot project is analyzed.

Key words: aircraft, emergency consultative medical care, first aid, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, model of organization of emergency medical care delivery, pilot project, sanitary aviation evacuation, specialized first aid medical care


11. Prelovsky A.V., Petchin I.V., Tret’yakov A.S. Development of System of Emergency Consultative Medical Care with Use of Telemetric Technologies in Arkhangelsk Oblast

The structure of the telemetric network in Arkhangelsk Oblast is presented. The data on emergency consultative medical care delivery with use of telemetric technologies is analyzed. The main tasks in further development in the sphere are formulated.

Key words: Arkhangelsk Oblast, emergency consultative medical care, medical evacuation, telemetric technologies, telemetric consultations, Territorial center for disaster medicine of Arkhangelsk Oblast



12. Suranova T.G. Measures against Spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Russian Federation

The characteristics of Middle East respiratory syndrome are presented as well as recommendations on coronavirus infection prevention, on measures against carrying of infection and on the management of the syndrome in the Russian Federation.

Key words: infection carrying and spread prevention, infection prevention, Middle East respiratory syndrome, Russian Federation, treatment



13. Baranova N.N. Expert Assessment of Exemplary Program of Additional Professional Preparation of Aeromedical Teams Specialists. Report 2

The results are presented of the analysis of an expert assessment of the program of additional professional preparation of aeromedical teams specialists (“Sanitary Aviation Evacuation”) dealing with general professional and special professional competencies, knowledge, experience and skills as well as with content of the Program sections and the main types of training sessions.

Key words: aeromedical teams specialists, experience, expert assessment method, knowledge, lectures, professional competencies, seminars, skills building sessions, skills, topics of the Program sections


14. Fedotov S.A., Tetyushkin M.A., Gus’kova O.V. Experience and Prospects of Use of Medical Information System

The information Internet project (www.mednauka.netelaborated jointly by the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists and the staff of Research and Practice Center of Emergency Medical Care of Health Department of Moscow is presented. The structure of the project is discussed. It is stated that at the outset of the project a considerable interest from all parts was noted and a fast growth of number of users was observed which proves the relevancy and the promising outlook of the research in the field.

Key words: disaster medicine, education programs, emergency situations, emotional disorders, exchange of experience, information programs, Internet project, medical information system, up-to-date scientific achievements


15. Karant O.E. Medical Support of Tourists in Mountainous Areas of Republic of Adygeya in Winter Season

The organization of medical support of tourists in mountainous areas of Republic of Adygeya in winter season is presented. The main measures and the results of activity of Adygeya Republican Center for disaster medicine in the sphere are discussed.

Key words: Adygeya Republic, Adygeya Republican Center for disaster medicine, ambulance teams, emergency response teams, emergency situations, Lago-Naki tableland, medical support, mountainous areas, rescuers of Russian Emergency Ministry, tourists, winter season


16. Romanov M.A. Use of Sanitary Aviation for Medical Support of Personnel of Ice-Resistant Stationary Sea Platform «Prirazlomnaya»

The use of sanitary aviation for medical support of personnel of ice-resistant stationary sea platform “Prirazlomnaya” is analyzed. Some unsettled problems of realization of sanitary aviation evacuation of casualties for delivery of specialized including high-tech medical care are discussed.

Key words: emergency consultative medical care, high-tech medical care, ice-resistant stationary sea platform “Prirazlomnaya”, medical support, sanitary aviation evacuation, sanitary aviation, specialized medical care


17. Rebikov I.V. Experience of Realization of Multistage Medical Evacuation of Casualties in Emergency Situation Environment

The experience of realization of multistage medical evacuation of casualties in emergency situation environment is presented. The efficiency of the actions realized is analyzed.

Key words: casualties, Chelyabinsk Oblast, emergency situations, multistage medical evacuation, Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Tatarstan



18. Fetisova S.Yu., Pol’skaya L.R. Problem-Based Teaching of Disaster Medicine with Help of Case-Based Method

An innovation method of teaching disaster medicine at medical college with the help of the case-method is presented.

Key words: case-method, disaster medicine, medical college, problem-based teaching, students

19. Pol’skaya L.R., Fetisova S.Yu. Training of Medical College Students in Issue of Psychological Preparedness for Medical Care Delivery in Emergency Situations

The problems of training of medical college students in issue of psychological preparedness for medical care delivery in emergency situations are discussed.

Key words: casualties, emergency situations, medical care, medical college, psychological preparedness, students, teaching



Pakhomova N.V. Centre for Disaster Medicine of Altai region is 15



Garmash O.A. Research and Practice Conference «Sanitary Aviation of Russia and Medical Evacuation»

Levchuk I.P., Kostyuchenko M.V. II All-Russian Research and Practice Olympiad of Students and Young Scientists on Disaster Medicine