Bobiy Boris Vasilyevich

editor-in-chief for sience of the journal “Disaster Medicine”

Scopus ID: 6602404192

Membership in state academies of sciences, academic degree, academic title: doctor of medical sciences.

Place of work, position:

Centre for Disaster Medicine “Zashchita”, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, deputy chief editor – head of the management group of the methodological support of medical care in crisis situations.

Substantiation of a significant contribution to the development of the relevant field of knowledge:

Honored worker of health of the Russian Federation. Leading specialist in the field of disaster medicine and a highly qualified teacher, one of the developers of postgraduate training programs for specialists at all-Russian disaster medicine service. Awarded with the Order of Honor, with the silver medal of the Academy of Natural Sciences “For the development of medicine and public health.” Winner of the international award “Profession – Life.” Author of more than 150 scientific papers. The number of publications in the RSCI > 60.