13. Naichenko M.V. Analysis of the Regularities of Medical Workers Actions in Medical Ergatic Systems

UDK 614.2

PP. 56–59

Scientific Research and Testing Center of Aerospace Medicine and Military Ergonomics of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Air Force of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow

The structure of the medical ergatic system is presented. The actions of medical specialists in the medical ergatic system is considered. The role of each component of the system during its functioning in the process of rendering medical care to the victims is demonstrated. Processes, means and conditions of medical experts actions are characterized. The performance indicators of medical ergatic system are given. The role of professional training of medical specialists in the successful operation of medical ergatic system was underlined. The main directions of work on the improvement of medical ergatic system structures have been determined.

Key words: actions of medical specialists, conditions of activity, internal properties of medical ergatic system, medical equipment product, medical ergatic system, patient, professional training of medical specialists, structure of medical ergatic system


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